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Our company specialized in personal and/or commercial sub-surface laser crystal engraving.  Our company has a huge variety of images for our customers to pick and match.  Every image is completely customizable to meet every customer's need.  This is great for corporate gifts for companies to give to their customers.  Our company can also accept images provide by you, our customer, and digitize the image into our crystals.  To help you understand our process a little, let's go through the procedure in a little more detail.

Our process uses a computer guided laser to precisely etch 3D images within optically perfect crystal.  K9 crystal that at it's highest clarity and has no imperfections like traditional glass.  Our initial efforts involves selecting or importing the images of your choice.  For example, you have a photo that you would like etched into the crystal.  We would first scan image to create a pixel image of the photo.  Next step, involves importing that image into our 3D Engraving Machine.  At this point, the pixels are then precisely laser etched into the crystal to form the image of your choice.  It's that easy.  Once you are satisfy, we are good to go.

This process can be done to almost all over our custom crystal shapes.  For corporate car companies, our Keychain Series will be perfect for their car buyers.  Our crystal cubes would be perfect for the office.  The Sports Series S crystals would be perfect for the sports fanatic and clubs.

If you have an image or logo that you want to create a 2D or 3D crystal for, please email the following information to

Company Name:
Contact Person(s):
Contact Phone Number(s):
Image/Logo Description(s):
Image/Logo Pictures:
(Images should be from all angles if possible)

Once we have received your information, we will contact you to discuss on the design and layout of the image/logo. If you would like to speak with sales representative, please contact us at 701.352.2220 or 917.280.5158. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.


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